Consulting Services

We offer the best in mobile consulting services. We can create a fresh mobile strategy for your business or evaluate and improve upon what you’re doing right now with mobile. Maybe your mobile app isn’t getting the number of downloads or return on investment you were looking for? With so many mobile options out there, it can be daunting to figure out what to do or where to start.

We look at all the options in order to produce a strategy that will raise your bottom line and save you money. Consider the following;

We’ve published apps for a number of election campaigns. Here is our flagship app for Omar Alghabra’s election campaign.

Mobile Websites

Is your website accessible on a small phone? If you’re not sure, open it on a small phone such as an iPhone 4s or a small screen Android phone. If you find yourself pinching and zooming too much its time to look into a mobile version of your website.

Mobile Apps

This is an area, when done well, can bring tremendous visibility to your campaign or business and can bring you votes in the box on E-day or volumes of business revenue. Before putting the effort and cash, research the features that will keep your users using your app a second third and fourth time. Most apps are deleted after being downloaded the first time because they are viewed as "business card apps".

Targeted Mobile Advertising

Traditional marketing is going through a revolution where traditional print media is finding its usefulness diminishing year after year. Instead in-app and mobile website advertising is growing exponentially. We can help you build a mobile advertising strategy that will get you noticed.

Mobile Analytics

Knowing is half the battle and determining whether your app or website is visited a second, third or fourth time will tell you how well you’re doing. As well, how do you know that, that one specific feature in your mobile app is actually being used? We can help track user retention, app installs, feature opens and even find out if your app was opened and used up to a month later.

Mobile Push Notifications

This is a feature that is tied to your mobile app. Assuming you have this feature enabled, you can send messages to your users and supporters to rally the masses to your cause or drive business to your door. Remind them to go out and vote. Ask them to engage with you on topics near and dear to them. Let them know about a sale item. This is a feature that when used properly can get you more votes in the ballot box on election day or have customers at your door fighting for your product.