Utility Apps

Think your election campaign doesn’t need an app? Think again, the latest studies show that we check our phones once every 6 minutes. Imagine if your future constituents were checking you out that often? What if your name was fresh on the minds of voters on election day? What if you could talk to your voter just before they headed to the ballot box?

We specialize in getting your campaign noticed by mobile users. Our policy is to avoid making your app into the conventional “business card app” (an app that has features that are not useful to the user – that might as well not be published in the first place). We build features that are useful to your volunteer team, to your voters and future constituents and also we make it fun!

We’ve published apps for a number of election campaigns. Here is our flagship app for Omar Alghabra’s election campaign.

Political Campaign Apps

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Omar’s app was designed to not only get out the word about who he is and what he stands for, but also assist his volunteers in collecting data on the constituents in his riding. This app also helps assist campaign managers to determine which zones in the riding need more attention. It also gives feedback to volunteers helping them to assess how they are doing and motivate them through contests.

Our apps are push enabled which enable you to get your message out anytime anywhere to your voters.

Don’t leave your campaign to chance by neglecting your mobile voter base. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on getting you into office.

Conference Apps

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Imagine the enormous costs involved in getting information out to your attendees all of a sudden disappearing? The cost of printing program booklets, meal vouchers, tickets, etc can be removed by going paperless. With our mobile apps, they can!

We specialize in making you look good in front of your attendees. We will compile all of your program information, speaker bios, food and parking and anything else you need into mobile app. We will also keep your attendees updated on program changes in real time with program updates and push notifications.

We’ve published apps for a number of conferences, here is our flagship app, RISConvention, an annual grassroots convention in Toronto Canada where attendees can find out about the program, speakers and food information as well as program changes all in one location.

Keep Your Attendees In The Know

Push the latest program changes out to them the moment they happen. A speaker cancels? Let them know in real time. Need to move a session later that evening? Let them know right away.

Add A New Dimension To Marketing

Give them all the information they need on your speakers while reminding them to buy their tickets early. Give your sponsors another advertising channel to generate more revenue for you.

Don’t leave your convention to chance, connect with us today to find out how we can bring your convention to a new level.

The Ideas Are Endless....

Our specialty is to add a new dynamic and revenue stream to your business. We use the latest innovations to create the best mobile experiences for you and your customers.